A small squad sneaking around a house.

Goddamn these models are a bitch to pose…

I’d appreciate any link to any better models…

Posing is alright. The lighting is really boring,a bit too dark. Lots of empty space.

The low-res vine-wall stanks, but the pic is overall good.

bump for more comments
any other comments?
do i have to improve the posing?
also i’d love any links to any better models…

I don’t see any editing. Is there supposed to be editing, you are trying to improve in posing?

Fucking ugly plants…
Posing is fine, angle is good, its a little too dark tho.

nah no editing

They look fat :open_mouth:

Anyways the posing is nice but a little boring.

quite fat and dark

Guy behind him looks like hes gonna betray him