A Smoker appears behind Zoey.

MasterFGH did the edit!


Master and his perfect rim lighting…

Posing is excellent, although the smoker looks a bit too stiff. Have a paint palette.

The rim-lighting looks so out of place… there isn’t even any light behind Zoey. The lighting on the Smoker looks really realistic but on Zoey it just looks a little fake, especially considering that there is actually less rim-lighting on the hair, which is where ultra-sharp rim-lighting is most likely to exist.

Yes I’m talking to you, Master.


Yes I know you were aiming for “artistic” and “cool” over realism but when ever single picture has this sharp rim-lighting… I dunno, guess I’m just getting sick of seeing it.

“Germans, behind that brick wall!”

And suddenly Chesty reminds me of one of my schoolmates…

He forgot to post the bit when he said “what’s up with the grass [on your picture]?” so I answered a question with a question.

Is your school mate really, really cool and friendly and down-to-earth and nice and awesome and modest?

was anticipating something totally different

while dissapointed, i have to say this is a great pic.

the rim lighting, while nonsensical, is very artisderp.

Who the hell jizzed all over zoeys back

Rimlightning isn’t that visible and sharp on the edges ftard.

looks painted!

I really like her pose for some reason. Also nice lighting.

To be honest the posing isn’t all the great,it’s something someone new could do in like 2 minutes.
Spawn smoker,stand him up,done.
Spawn Zoey,throw her against the wall,stand up,freeze,turn her head.

Hmmm, I was gonna create a pic featuring a Smoker too. Looks like I got beaten to it!
Won’t stop me from making it though. :smiley:

Mmm…nice editing, but I think you should have shown the Smoker’s tongue somehow, the scene also looks kind of empty which makes the blockiness of Hammer more visible, try adding some small rocks or trash next time, the L4D prop pack contains some good items if you haven’t DLed it already.