A Smoker hanging from a building

The image was larger but the rest of it was shit so i decided to crop it…

Not bad

Posing is good, but there is some sort of smoke/lights or something that looks weird…

The light looks a bit funny yes. Posing ok though.

I don’t get how it looks funny…

There is some sort of dark Shadows/Smoke around the Smoker, that it looks weird, I guess thats what Rastifan means, well thats what I mean.

well it IS smoke…i should have make it greener i think
maybe your screen is too dark?

EDIT:too bad i didn’t save the psd so i could change the color…

Ah the color then. That explains it why I didn’t see what it was. My bad:)



Very good I like the lighting

I like the lighting. Nice work.