A smoking robot leaning on a grafitti covered wall.

So yeah… it’s a smoking robot. Rate, hate (the most common choice), or appreciate.

Original + graffiti wallpaper used.

the robot is super low quality compared to the wall

im more concerned about how he smokes the cigarette

why do you think, he’s got all these little holes right in his chest? ^^

I think up the anus.

the what? what should he poop? oil or metal chunks?

have an artistic, by the way

you silly…robots don’t lean on walls

You should have desaturated the robot, its too colorful compared to the wall.

I did de-saturate it.

Where’d you get the ME2 models?

Well, this is original.

Gotta love that graffiti.

I wonder how robots smoke…

Cool lookin Robot.
Silly robot is gonna get mechano-cancer.

guys guys, dont be silly now
obviously its from his 12 tits, he was programmed to smoke all 12 of em simultaneously

A gentlemanly Robot?

The robot’s looks like a copy paste…
To bad otherwise… It would have been near awesome.

I say bigger, more powerful robot!?

The contrast on the background is higher than the robot.

hell yea!
also the robot has no shadows?