A snake dragging his prey in the snow


lol misleading

also MasterFGH edited. give him a cookie.

lol misleading title.

good pose.

Burning is excessive in places and the colouration doesn’t fit the temperature of the picture. Snow is great though.

Nice posing on your part.

First I was sure there would be Mr. Solid instead of a snake. Then I looked at the title again and expected there to be a snake. Then clicked it, and bam, Solid.


Nice edit.

Snake? Yo Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAKE!

The picture is amazing but what the fuck is up with the Metal Gear Awesome?
The random shooting and saying:“Yeah he had a heart attack” was hilarious.

Sounds like a porn name.

Rating me dumb is very funny huh?

Oh, so you did make a thread for it?
Anyway, I think the snow turned out cool and the pose is well done.

yes, have a cookie :smiley:

I expected a snake animal dragging a rabbit or something.

lol nope

Oh wow it’s a We(x)es rose picture. I haven’t seen one of these in like two thousand years.
Great job.

thanks hoboiam
also yeah my name got fucked up :x

i knew i saw Snake in D-9!