A sniper about to duel a spy while an engie and a heavy watch.

Descriptive title is descriptive :smiley:

Picture is taking a damn long time to load. Perhaps it’s just me.

No, me too. Nice when I finally got to see it!

it took me long too but it’s a jpeg and i used the resolution i usualy uses…i guess Facepunch is overused.

Great posing.

Posing is pretty good. But how do you make the sniper hatless?

ugh hats…

Hehe, i love the spy’s pinky finger. Nice job.

in console:
ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1
before you type that,make sure you aim at the ragdoll/model you want to modify
1 can be replaced with any number and different numbers gives different results

sweet thanks man

Cool posing, Bro.