A sniper dual.

Edit and pose by me, WWII what a suprise! A little filter experiment. C&C please.

Listen this or else…


blood looks like a tree branch growing out of his forehead.
the light beams seem a little too… opaque? the dust particles(?) should also be translucent, and very small. right now, it looks like snow.

lol, ok thanks for the good C&C.

Blood could do with some motion-blur and there wouldn’t be enough time since the bullet impact for the blood to trickle down his face like that.

Camera angle is really boring and is the same camera angle that you have used in every single one of your pictures (perhaps one or two).

Light-shaft is unrealistic and illogical.

I used motion blur, I really did.

Looks like the other guy won. :c

Yeah, i’m not sure tought.

Damn, I hate the DoD:S non-faceposable models. I recommend you to get some WWII models that are faceposeable.

Yeah but those are only airborne models, I don’t want to reskin it when I need infantry etc.