A sniper escaping an explosion


C&C please

There was no editing.

Turn your graphics up

Rather horrid scenebuild. It’s tiny. Graphics up will ya?

My graphics were at full. I had the max of everything on. I don’t know why it didn’t help. Can I have some C&C that isn’t about my shitty graphics, please?

Lets stop right here and talk for some minutes about the picture.

Have you seen how trees look when they are on down? Lets see at an example.


The tree in your picture has a problem, the roots are looking up when they should be down, but you cant change the model right? So how do we fix this? Well, let me tell you that you just need to place it on the other side. But the roots clash with the ground? Well then here is your solution.


It will allow you to no-collide any prop with the map, so you can put the roots on the other side without them clashing with the ground, it could also prove useful for other things as well!

Well then, now that we fixed the tree lets go to the soldier’s posing:

When you are running from a explosion, you usually dont give a fuck about having your gun at hand, or at least not in that position, I guess the soldier would look a little more like this when running & jumping from the tree :

(Excuse me for the gigantic picture)

Always try to emulate poses in the most natural way possible, if you cant find reference pictures, just look at yourself at the mirror doing the pose.

Then, now that we talked about the posing we can start talking about the scenebuild and the angle(Yes, this things go together):

Usually when you do a scenebuild, you already pick an angle from the very start, so you can show all the scenebuild and avoid having “wasted space” on the final shot; also, is common for most scenebuilders to avoid showing the flatgrass, as it looks horrible. How you can fix this? Well it’s simple, you could either add grass to the ground, around the parts of flatgrass you will show in the final shot or you can simply place the camera lower and closer to the tree so you don’t show the flatgrass at all. Also remember to avoid showing the sky too much because the flatgrass skybox isn’t very pretty either, to do so just add more trees and tall foliage to cover it.

And two last things, try to place your graphics on the max you can when you take the screenshot, or else you will get bitched about it here and if your Super DoF works, USE IT, because Simple DoF sucks balls.

Before trying scenebuilding and editing, try to master your posing(When you think you have improved just post the picture and wait for the replies) then you can start trying to edit your pictures and doing very fancy scenebuilds.

Note: You don’t need to edit your screenshots to make them look awesome, there are some people here that do fucking awesome screenshots and barely touch their pictures with editing programs.

2nd Note: Keep rolling and practicing, practice makes perfect.(And remember to put JPEG_quality at 100 when you take the screenshot!)

Shitty posing, shitty scenebuild, shitty graphics, shitty stock explosion. Shitty background trees. Shitty picture.
Well, at least you had courage to post it.

Thanks Santz. That did help. I did use the Super DoF, and my graphics were at full. It probably doesn’t look like it cause of JPEG_quality. It wasn’t at full. I’ll keep those tips in mind.


Thanks for your help coughdickcough I get that it’s a shitty picture. That’s not really any new or good C&C.

Two completely different types of posts here:

Encourage and advice kids :cop:

What’s even funnier is that he’s not really even a good poser.


I have been looking for this. You are the awesome.