A Sniper is aimming in abandoned hut. [Chernobyl theme!]



Bad spelling in the title but other than that it looks great! Except why does he have two snipers?


Did you build that? Awesome lighting.

He will set it up soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

But why does one man have two snipers? (Thats what I meant before sorry)

thanks, and here is thr original.


then why Price and Macmillian had three sniper rifles(2 M21s and M82A1)?

By the looks of your picture you are going for realism? Call of Duty is not a realistic game and the M21 is semi automatic meaning it can be used as an ordinary rifle aswell so that can be used against short to medium range targets. (I have to say that I have not played Call of Duty in a long time and am unsure of your exact refferance)

Also looking at the original picture you have done an amazing job.

I tryied to fix the title, but it doesn’t changed at all.
plz stop voting ‘Bad Spelling’

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ. It’s epic. I thought it was a scenebuild.

One for killing, one for overkilling.
Another nice pose from you, ddok.

Jesus is a Korean… bloody incredible!

new wallpaper ahoy

This is probably your best work thus far. The prop-placement, depth-of-field and contrast of lighting are all superb. Posing is great as always.

That’s one sexy lighting.

I spy me some Zaton, north of Chernobyl.