a sniper strolling along as another shoots at something in the distance

crappy title, but at least its descriptive :stuck_out_tongue:
C&C needed´n´greeted

Ghilly suits… on a cliffside??? :raise:

Rock suits :open_mouth:

Not every camo is perfect for some moments like lets say “choco chip” camo brought into urban places,you dont have time to change camo you know

also choco chip is a nickname for dcu

But from the looks of it, the nearest forest is miles off in the distance. And don’t give me any bullshit about how there is a forest behind them, you could have used any other soldier model and it could have qualified as a sniper.

that bird doesn’t give a fuck

It’s deaf.

but they could have walked in miles…but i agree with you can be any soldier model

i do enjoy a good debate but dont you have anything to say about the posing, editing, etc?

Oh right the actual criticism!


Well, from the looks of things, the posing is pretty solid. Not much to complain about there. However, the editing could use a lot of work. First off, I suggest you learn how to isolate your subjects. Using a green room and magic wand-ing them out usually results in that subtle yet ugly green outline around them. Also, the muzzleflash you made is freakishly huge. Sure, I support muzzleflash exaggeration… to an extent. The muzzle flash you have is larger than the sniper himself.

There are some more editing issues that I am too tired to type out right now, but what I have mentioned ought to get you started.

They should be prone.
The second sniper shouldn’t be standing up - he should be prone spotting for the other sniper.
The sniper who’s shooting wouldn’t be on that rock - too visible.

please define “Something” in the title. If “something” happens to be a enemy soldier, id say that the posing is not good. Snipers usually lay down for more precision and to be able withstand the recoil. By the amount of muzzle flash you got there, it looks like that snipers face/shoulder will be taken out by his guns recoil. Then the other sniper will get sniped cause he just standing there in the open. Then again, because of how the other sniper is holding his rifle, it looks like they could be shooting at a can or some shit. Who knows, give more detail to your title.

edit: damn i type slow.

what if its a rabbit?
and hold on, im re-editing the picture


should be better

believe it or not i can isolate, what you saw there was a futile attempt at rim-lighting(is it spelled right?)

The muzzleflash is terrible. It’s not even at the same angle as the rifle.

is there anything good about the picture, anything at all?

The cutouts ain’t bad and the shadows are okay.

We’re not saying there’s nothing good about it. It just needs some work. The posing’s great, but it’s not accurate. They should be low, not standing up there. You just need to double check your pose.
Like I forgot to in the screenshot editing thread and shot a muzzleflash out of the gun’s light.

Yesss I remember that. Hahah.

yeah i realize that, i mean i got the posing covered and editing is getting better its just the “realism” of the stance/pose that slips by me almost every darn time

Laying down wouldn’t work in that situation, this isn’t Call of Duty. It would be a very awkward position, plus, the prone position allows him a wider degree of aim.