A Sniper's experience after the Engi update.

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OKAY! Time to judge!

I like what you’ve tried to do here. Lol’d slightly.

Engineers look jarated.

This comic has spoken the truth.

Engie’s tusken raider pose from frame 3 onwards was great.

When I used to play Team Fortress 2, I liked to play as the engineer. I’m thinking about getting it on my other steam account(Someone hacked into my currentacc, when I got it back I got VAC banned)Will people automatically start yelling at me for playing engineer? I don’t take over people’s spots, I just do my own thing.

It is so true comic. But, i would better like this sniper to get shot in the end, because those damn engineers always do something which makes enemies notice snipers.

I agree, I always play sniper, and ever since the engineer update, my KDR has dropped from 4;1 to 3;1.

Damn those engineers, doesn’t help that in just about every server 75% of the players per team is using the engineer and those damn shields.

Very true. Good work on the comic.


I hate this. I joined some server, and there were like 12 Engineers from 15 people? (on the team). Why do we need snipers, when there are 2 Engineers camping at the sniper spots, killing players, using the wrangler… It sucks…

That’s some fantastic posing you’ve got there.