A soldier about to touch a odd rock.



What if the rock has cooties on it D:

I can’t tell if you’ve given up on me or approved the posing, so I’ll just say it’s got aids. :smug:

Posing is stiff, he looks like he’s tilting to his right. The leaves bug me for some reason and th grass is too uniform for my liking.

Looks so cliché.

Why is there grass coming out of the rock in the background.


Is he in a reverse Pandora where the rocks are grounded and the grass floats or something

That’s called a tree.

Then why are the leaves phasing through the rock.
While we’re at it, why is there a tree leaning on its side off to the left.


You made the badly-modeled trees all too noticeable. I hope you’re happy about that decision to not use any DOF.

He’s gonna turn into the stone citizen model.

The rock… it was made for him…

Can it be? The Monolith?
Seriously is this a Space Odyssey reference?




Raise your hand if you thought same.