A soldier checking over a wall

Oh look he found a tank.


and the view of my awesomeness:


HARSH C&C PLEASE. Also edit’s are welcome.
I really need to know what’s wrong, other than graphics.
look at all the useless props lol just noticed that

good posing, obviously up the graphics (lol), and work on contrast/brightness.

Nice scene-build.

nice and where are the building models from?

day of defeat. go to browse >day of defeat> facade germany.

spot the clipping error

Can’t wait to see the new computer. Sorry about my progress, computer’s been slow recently and my little bro’s been playing Gmod 24/7.

The soldier’s left hand on the grenade launcher.

Good pose. Good luck on getting the new computer.

Not trying to sound harsh but I don’t understand why people do poses like these which are just setup in gm_construct or gm_flatgrass. Sure you get the geometry and the main picture right but the lighting looks like absolute SHIT unless you do a whole BUNCH of editing IMO.

But they put work into it, unlike just getting yourself a map someone else made.

Yes but its not very artistic in my opinion. Sure ones that are built on gm_flatgrass and gm_contruct with big, complex scenes look very good with editing such as this:

but pictures like these which look completly fullbright just look distracting and unrealistic. I know its a lot of effort but shouldn’t they atleast edit it so it does not look like a fullbright map?

I didn’t edit it if I wanted to I would but currently, I’m to skull fucked to do anything right now other than pose. And you get a cookie I said to give harsh C&C.

Tbh, I love the idea of scene building.
I think that using a map is so… Boring and… Crappy. :v:

And the lighting in Slash’s picture aint even a bit bad, just needs to up the contrast :downs:

I upped the contrast
and crappily edited