A soldier demonstrates the Lazertec-9000




ha, not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see somebody using the model, haven’t seen too much action. But then again, I did make it lowpoly, so :smiley:

Pretty sweet.

Also, our avatars match :smiley:




Fuck, I can’t remember the smiley :frowning:

nice :v:

Gah, I can’t remember it.

Oh well :v:

can i have a go after? :wink: nice edit

Lighting is pretty sweet.

looks more like a horribly blocky M41A pulse rifle to me

I can imagine what his face would be behind that mask

It’s “respek” :buddy:

On pic: Looks well, but if he “demonstrates” it, he must show it to someone. Maybe “trying out” then.

It’s okay.





The soldier model is horrible but the lights are cool, and the muzzle flash is nice :slight_smile:

I don’t think he’s demonstrating… he’s probably shooting Gordon Freeman.

Oh man. Oh god. Oh man. Oh God.