A Soldier has a frightning encounter, which leads to his death.

“You wish to represent fear, yet you dont know what fear is yourself”



scary D:

Like it.

I want that skin… But on the PMC’s instead :3

For one second I thought the Skeleton soldier was gonna say “Kiss me darling” lol

Then I saw it in a scary point of view and understood the pic. Nice pic mate.
But I dont understand why he died… He shooted himself or what? :v:

Nice! Very good job!



Thanks bud :buddy:

Ohhh so he DID shoot himself… thats fucked up :S Scary!
Artistic for you!

cool. like the quote.


A quote that I thought of, I shit myself just by whispering it XD

I can’t think of anything funny to say regarding they both look like skeletons in the face (soldier has a skele mask)

I want to… but I cant think