A soldier looking at his hands after killing in the house of God,


I know, terrible blood.

So, there’s a problem killing in the HOUSE of god, but not in the NAME of god?

Retarded. Have a box.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling... why do you even bother?" - PLing))

Oh for fucks sake. It’s a picture that needed a title.

Dam trolls! anyway i like it :smiley: it has a good atmosphere to it tho you could have maybe put a Nazi soldier in the background, other that that its good!

Hes smiling

He’s going crazy.

Nice picture, I like it.

Haha, made me laugh my ass off.
But yeah, awesome picture and all.

I don’t know why the OP got so many dumbs. I liked the screenshot.

Bandwagon dumbs - sad really…

Picture is nice, probably should have isolated before you dodged and burned.

Anything religious = rated dumb.

Wow, 7 dumbs?

Great posing none the less.

I like this. The posing is good, and the backstory area is good. The lighting on the soldier is really what gives it for me.

Ingame lightings a great tool :smile: