A Soldier rushing through the Sawmill


I like that SMG model.

Everything is pretty cool except for the flying bullets, they look pretty repetitive and maybe you should add some motion blur to them. Also, somethings just not right to me about the camera angle.

Is he fighting against Clone Troopers?

no,he’s against engies using lazor turrets…

seriously though,i know my bullet trails sucks,i need a better technique…

it looks fine to me.

Looking good.

This one is good… no bads

everything looks cool
except for the tracers
they look like glowing dicks with small tips

How to make Gunboats in Gmod?

Dodge&burning is really random and strong, dont go nuts with it!

it’s somewhere in the browser…although it comes in pair (both feet)
i had to remove the second foot for each feet with photoshop so it looks like there’s only 1

Dodging/Burning looks horrible.