A soldier shooting down zombies (First person)

Sorry if it is too dark. Try to turn up the brightness of your screen if you can’t see anything.
I guess i could have added some adv DOF but decided not to…
Also i know my muzzle isn’t perfect but i’m pretty proud of the zombie with part of his brain out.
And before you ask,no he isn’t shooting the closest one,he’s aiming at the one behind.

Nice posing,Blood and muzzleflash is okay. Nice job on the smoke on the bullet. About the brain,it looks like a overlay there needs to be a little more chunk of flesh missing.

The picture is tad to dark, not much, but juuuuust a bit.
Anyway, nice color scheme, and edit :smiley:
Though you could have tilted the camera, and I’m not really a buyer when it comes to the shoulder type of aim… I mean that if it is possible, if not any other obstacle is in the way, the gun should be centered.

Uhm, shouldn’t the gun be “the other way around”? The shell coming out AWAY from you :s?

Nice muzzleflash, but the shell editing looks unfitting.

yeah it is supposed to be the other way around…but i wanted to make the shell casing effect and therefor,chose this gun.

I thought that guns that fire their shells from the left was for left-hand people.

The view that you have that from makes it look like he has no neck. Also that shell does not fit with the rest of the picture. The smoke looks odd but the posing is good.

LOL that M4 was made for lefties

Using that forward assist as a righty would be awkward.

like the edit but not that keen on the muzzleflash

Contrast makes the picture a little dark and the muzzleflash isn’t so good.
Smoke is too bright considering the rest of the lighting, and is a little too opaque and wispy.
Weapon positioning is a tad off.
Shells are ejecting into the character’s face. Shell looks too small and pasted on; it’s lighting doesn’t match the picture very well at all.
Depth-of-field would be welcome and realistic.

Wound on that zombie is damn awesome.