A soldier sliding behind a car for cover


pretty good almost looks real.

Lighting, dust and blur is really nice but the burning looks really excessive in places. Posing is also odd.

I bow to you, this looks almost perfect!
Except for the sliding soldier, he looks kinda stiff(At least his left arm), but in my eyes the editing is perfect.

Edit 2:
Yay, Im getting dumbs in all my posts today!

why you are doing so great?

i mean your picture is great!

Where is the sliding soldier’s rightfoot
Shouldn’t there be a shadow casting onto the car from the one whom is sliding?
Anyway i really like this pose.

A bit too dark shadows.

Meh, boring angle and it has no actiony feel to it what so ever.
Are they just messing arround to kill time?

“Hey look Jesh, powaaah slide!” slides

“Yeah yeah, as always…”