A soldier stands along with his friends.


It’s another one of my class projects. I’ll get it printed out later without the little phrase. I’m still debating whether or not the sonnet would match this image.


There’s the poem I had to deal with.

fallen heroes~

All those guns standing perfectly by the barrel…


I take that back

That is right, snipped it to re-add it.

Nice, this picture is pretty sweet by all means.

When a picture tells a story… Nicely done. For once a solider pose I like.

You should have added the TF2 rocket launcher with the Soldier class’s helmet on it.

yeah. And blackjack…

Very nice, was definitely not expecting that.

This is great

i like this!


Awesome picture.

I was thinking potential overbalance of the stocks. My main gripe was in the slouch, but I think I could manage to pull that off comfortably.

Are you fucking serious dude? Have you never seen a battlefield grave?

The rifle is stuck through the ground vertically exactly like that. It’s still done, too, though more as a respectful tradition since in modern wars guys tend not to be left on the field.

Why are you talking about economics?

Well done Caboose. And no, rossmum, I haven’t; nor do I think I ever will. I have only handled a ballistic device once, and it was only a twenty gauge a long time ago (not that long, but long enough I don’t care to remember the experience). As such, I do not know the true weighting of the rifles and such, but I would think that unless jammed pretty far down (meaning deeper than appears in the image), I would think that only an inch or two (as it seems from my perspective) is not deep enough to hold up the stock. Just so you know, any discussion on military related subjects will almost always just blow past my head.

Still, it is a nice pose, Caboose.

Is it possible for a rocket launcher to stand on it’s own like that?

The Bazooka is buried in the ground, and where can I get my grubby little fingers o that soldier?