A soldier stares..

…a thousand yards! :v:

I seen someone elses thread with the same thing and thought I’d give it a try! I’ve always been interested in shell shock and stuff so I thought it’d be pretty fun and it was! I hope it doesn’t look ridiculous.



Do you got a hard on for Nick or something?

Not ridiculous. He did seem a bit more zombified in the edited version though.

Haha, I was wondering if anyone would ever mention how often I use him! The L4D models are the most hi-res I have. Ellis has a hat on and Coach is… well kind of fat so that doesn’t leave me much choice. Though, I do like Nick better than any of them regardless so I’d probably use him anyway! (:

Zombified and not an actual zombie, right? I wasn’t sure if I overdid his eyes or not. :x

Thanks for the comments!

Yes I was referring to the shadows around his eyes. Gave him that zombie look from Romeros early 70’ts zombies.

Hmm, yeah, ok, so, he definitely stares.

Well, Nick really looks fat in that picture.

Well thanks for the straight answer.

Hahaha you saw mine, looks nice by the way!

It’s not polite to stare.

His eyebrows are too raised. Doesn’t really give a thousand yard stare vibe

He does look a little chubby, doesn’t he?! It must be because you can’t see his jawline that well… lol. (:

Really? I actually wasn’t sure if I raised them enough. I used these two images as references.



Anyway, thanks for all of the comments, guys!

I dunno, there’s just something off about it. Serious faceposing is hard though, obviously.

Also that second guy is fucking weird

I don’t think it looks just right either. I never realized how difficult faceposing could be and… haha! I definitely tried to make it more like the person in the first picture than the last because he does look absolutely out of his mind, poor guy.