A soldier taking aim

This is my first non-TF2 pose that I’ve seriously made. I know it has some posing problems and would like people to point them out for me please. ( I know it’s on construct, please don’t mention that… though I’m sure you guys will)



seriously made and using gm_constuct?

Ya, lol i didn’t know where else to pose it, considering the majority of my maps are from TF2 or TF2 related =(.

No Counter-Strike, or no effort to find a good Half-Life 2 level? The pose is pretty good, I’ll give you that, but you made no attempt to make a decent map choice.

To tell you the truth, the only source engine games I actually have are TF2 and Left 4 Dead =(.

Probably a decent map in there you can use for an urban chaos scene.

Unless if I’m dumb and L4D maps don’t work with Garry’s Mod yet.

Either way, there’s plenty of maps on garrysmod.org you could find as well that would suit such a purpose.

(PS, you should buy CS:S and HL2.)

It’s a really nice pose! And I don’t blame you for the map, sometimes I pose on gm_construct just to practice.

Ya, I should buy CS:S and HL2, but L4D content is currently not compatible with Garry’s Mod unless someone ported it and you downloaded it, due to Garry’s Mod engine is currently the Episode 2 version of Source. I also should have chosen a better map, but I was lazy =P.

Oh man, look at him go.