A soldier taking shots in the dark.

This is my first try at editing night poses. This is not my pose nor do i take credit for it, all credit goes to Zeraxify




A) Edit thread is over there bud ->

B) You just sucked the contrast out

C) :wtc:

That’s…really bad, the muzzle flash wasn’t yours, you just fucked the contrast.

fuckin heavy contrast and i think you gonna try realistic muzzleflash but i dont like it
but don’t disappoint yourself. if you try some more, then your pictures will getting great

I like the frist one, but just stay way from the contrast. Only use it when you have too.

Thanks :3:


BTW, the first image is completely mine, he only fucked the contrast up. I did the rest.

Also, he didn’t even ask for permission.



No one else noticed the left hand?


Filter raped the second one, and muzzle looks kind of strange.