A soldier Tripping as hundreds of arrows Rain down o (The remains of) The King's men.


And thus came the arrows falling from the sky
Like hell-fire and brimstone came that rain of fire.
Some were lit some were nay,
And thus they fell down again,
Onto the king’s men, and the king himself stood up, blinding to the eyes,
His big shiny armor glinting in the sun, he yelled “YOU KILLED MY MEN”!
“AYE!” Yelled the man with one eye,
And thus more arrows, came raining down on the king,
And he landed a nice one, through his eyeslit, into his head, and out 'e back again.
And 'us ended the battle, of 40 minutes.

I don’t think “dawn in on” is a thing



Any cc for the pick itself?

“rain down on” might be better

Too many arrows I think.

The blur looks ugly, the posing on the running dude is fine, and the arrows should have some motion.

You can never have too many archers in your base to fend off the Rat’s men(I am addicted to stronghold)

Rats men… makes me remember Arx Fatalis :frowning: memories…

The Rat’s Troops are attacking!

How about a snack my lord?

Also added song to the OP

Bad DoF to noticable where it starts.


Do not fret my leige these are the british

The writing is pretty bad and comes across as pretentious.
Thread music made me lol.
The arrows look pretty dam huge.
What little posing there is looks good.
Motion blur is pretty good.
Depth-of-field looks really ugly.

Ubersalvador is Parsonathiel and deathbucket By The Way.
The picture is pretty boring and empty, needs less duplicator

No i’m not he stole my steam name

hahaha, worst lie ever dude.

He is not DeathB, accept it.

Deathbucket used to have my steam account. i sold it to him(He’s my relative)

And yesterday he stole my alias.

I dont really believe it, and it would be illegal anyway :smiley:



Besides there’s no way for me to give you stone cold proof is there?

no there isnt deathbucket.