A solid snake player model (Ssbb snake)

Good morning, as I do not have proper knowledge on how to rig bones and such. I’m requesting an SSBB solid snake player model.

Why you ask?

I’m making a gmod set of movies that try to look exactly like metal gear solid. Some parts Snake needs to walk for long distances. I REALLY hate to animate that kinda stuff. As it takes nearly forever to get one step with a rag-doll.

Here is a preview

As you can see, It’s hard to animate his taking steps, so I need a player model for when he is running somewhere. I need the Snake model from “ssbb pack” you can find on gmod.org.

Thanks, Hopefully.


I understand that making it would be a bit hard, Is anyone even going to ATTEMPT it? Or even reply to this? Telling me simply “It’s impossible” Would be okay if this post is going to be neglected.

I suppose you can try a counterstrike forum for the playermodel. Just pray they don’t charge you $80 or some other ridiculous price for it.


Someone already tried it I guess

His feet look broken though.