A sort of easy personal model request

hey, wanna hear a joke? i’m going to start making comics for facepunch again

sigh yeah so i will be needing a personal model made from the male 2 citizen head


that guy

body needs to be this


with a fleece texture, not just blue colour and if you can get the shirt collar to “stick up” like in teh picture i would be most greatfull

and on the back, side, wherever i want it to say VG Cats
and at left hand side of the model in small writing you can put your username to say, “hey i made that model” and so when i don’t give you credits and hearts you can shout at me :C
hands can stay the same
legs can stay the same**

shoes needs to be edited to make them more like white trainers, or work boots which ever works better and looks good

the main thing i want the model to have is the most important thing on the list are these military goggles to be worn on the models forehead

blacked glass and strap going round the head


to be worn this high on the head (note: that’s NOT me)

thanks for taking the time to read this
even if you don’t comment on it, but please do.
but i would like to have this model for comics (which will be so bad, it’ll be funny)

C&C and thanks in advance

here is the guy i was talking about
male 02


that face with what i’ve asked would make me a very happy user :smiley:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s fucking hilarious! Anyways, if you can link the model I can try to work on it, though I can’t promise much due to my lack of doing anything in 3ds Max, but I need something to test on.