A sound glitch in the game engine

I’ve come across a glitch with my sounds where none of my gun sounds are working but the hl2 ones. This error is not old and hasn’t been fixed ever since. Here’s an example of the error i’m getting:

CSoundEmitterSystemBase::AddSound( ‘CW_MMG_OPEN’, ‘scripts/sounds/lua.txt’, … ), script file not list in manifest ‘scripts/game_sounds_manifest.txt’

These errors are spammed throughout my console with many other listed sounds that failed to load because of an unknown issue.

“Fixes” that will NOT work:
-Reinstalling gmod does not work.
-Reinstalling any weapon addon does not work.
-Verifying game cache does not work.
-Deleting/replacing these files do not work.

This is a confirmed glitch that I can’t fix.

The file involved is located here:

Not everyone is experiencing this glitch and may not know what im talking about.

You’ve also tried with no addons loaded either manually or synced from the Workshop, correct?

Yup. I didn’t expect it to be the addons causing the issue.

bump…Still having sound problems