A Sound Of Ringing In Your Ears

Might like it? Idk.



I am aware his leg is going through the steering wheel .-.

This is great, SatansSin. I really like it.

Extremely dynamic, it’s fantastic! Nice work

I love the explosion, i wish i could edit like that

Lol, it’s not that much editing tbh. Well… it is, but it isn’t.

Thanks all though for the comments.

sexplosion! nice work

Pretty nice. Motion blur looks a bit weird though… dunno why.

Looks pretty damn epic

Very clean picture, lovely look to it.

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I like all of it, but one thing. Would the guy driving really fly out of the car that fast when the explosion just happened?

The image quality is excellent. I would suggest adding some more debris, dirt, rocks, and rubble flying around, some smoke around the bottom of the screen kicked up by the explosion, and maybe some sparks flying through the air.

Excellent idea Vman, but I was thinking more of sandy area explosion, not so much sparks, but more of a “Puff” through the air. I do believe I could of added a bit more too it, but the image quality I was working on wasn’t that good :<

Possibly? I didn’t study physics