a source engine game is required to run mods

basically i open gmod and try to play and then it says this a source engine game is required to run mods

i installed source SDK

verified the files

still didnt work

Devs please help? i really wanna play gmod

if ur askin about css i have it and also i have csgo,tf2

so yeah please help

have you restarted Steam? I got the same issue yesterday or the day before that, and I fixed it by restarting Steam.

You don’t need any other game or tool to run Garry’s Mod.

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Go to Steam > Library > Tools and tell me if you have this in your list:


u mean the soruce sdk base 2006? i have it not installed though.

i have every single one in the list that u screenshoted but not installed.

And restarting Steam did not help?

let me try bro

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it worked!,i tried restarting over 10 times it didnt but the last try it did!