A Space Ranger gives a Space Hooligan a Space Speeding Ticket in Space.

“Sir, you’re not being ticketed because I don’t like you. You’re being ticketed because you were traveling at 1.2c in a .5c zone!”



“My God, it’s full of stars.” -Space Ranger stares vigilantly beyond the infinite.

Expected a super cool realistic Buzz Lightyear model.

Nice Delorean there.

Oh, and the posing etc is nice too.

you’re mocking me, aren’t you?

serves that criminal scum right!

I did something like this, only it was for directions. nice job

That was my inspiration, actually! I was hoping the you’d post so I could thank you properly. I remembered the picture but not who posted it :v:

well im flattered

iPads really are the future…

lol, cool skin