A spaceship flying away from a planet.

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  • Another version ( I don’t like it much, but whatever…)


i like it
good work

This is good. Simple and pleasant. The ship could do with higher contrast or some shading though.

Why are there stars in the planet?


Good regardless.

Looks like it’d be cities or something.

Doubt that, it fits perfectly with the stars in the background.

hahaha isn’t that the galactopticon background?


no i’m pretty sure it’s the same background that galactopticon uses

but i don’t think they made it, either. it’s just a placeholder iirc.

so where’d you get it from?

I don’t even know what ‘‘galactopticon’’ is, I’ve just downloaded some models from the garrysmod.org found some Space pic, I liked this one, pose the ship on the construct, isolated it and put it on the Space pic, that’s all, no inspiration at all…

nice but the lighting doesnt match

The second would be nice if the beams were behind the ship.

Reminds me of a good picture that i did a while back, sadly i can’t show it to you because searching has been disabled and i didn’t save it on my comp :frowning:
Amazing background but the spaceship looks horribly retarded.

Can you give me a link to the the full-sized background ,perchance?