A Spammer's Death

With a 4800 Baud modem it would take about 5 hours to download 8 MB. One standard MP3 song.

Oh god, ahaha.

…I sincerely dislike the filters and skins you use in your poses.

Filters? Didn’t use any. Only light bulbs. All in game edit apart from motion blur in frame six.

Sucks to be in hell.


Anything but that!


You deserve a lot of bad spelling ratings, but the comic was funny so have a funny instead. :v:

That was great.

Oh god, I wonder what my computer related punishment is…

Thanks, but where is the bad spelling?

“Were”, not “Where.”

God damn. Sorry then. I shall go whip my self.

That was excellent, well done :slight_smile:

Thank you sir. Even if the miss spelling is going to haunt me to the day I die.

It’s not a bad punishment, i guess. The “Hahahahaahah” ending made it funny though.

Heretic. You have never been under the terror of a 4800 baud modem.

You sure you didnt use any colour changes?
I mean the colours of the “hell” looks like pink + orange lol.

I am my most esteemed friend.

This is cs_heavenhell.


http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/screens/78005 So there can be no doubt. hahahahahaha

Well, my fault then.


Ps! I must apologize. Had this evil laughter going here.