A Spec Ops team blasts its way into a facility


C&C. Do take note of the film grain.

They look too calmed to be storming a place… just look at the guy firing the UZI, they are either really BADASS or they just dont care if they die.

The Editing was nice btw, and the posing too.

the Uzi(Mac) doesn’t really fit along with the Spec Ops

Maybe one should have either a Submachine gun or a assault rifle

Guy in back should carry a sniper or a SMG aswell

Tactical SMG’s that is

It can’t be both at once. It’s an Uzi.

Isn’t the Imi Uzi cliping his arm( the triangleish looking part)Unless its Imi Mini Uzi…

There are stockless versions. It’s not the mini.

Oh wait I know what you mean. Yeah maybe it is clipping.

Actual model i mean has that sorry for confusion

Also i meant the mini uzi model as an excuse for that clipping as well didn’t notice stockless version of that Imi Uzi (NOT MINI)


Just let him choose what models he wants jeez.

Thanks for the C&C. The stock was meant to clip and give the appearance of not having one.

The others don’t even bother looking at the guy the middle soldier’s shooting. That’s how badass they are.

They evidently have some sort of critical mission. Stopping to watch while one of their own has them covered is simply not realistic.

And neither is leisurely walking up the stairs, weapons down, or shooting an Uzi one-handed.

Meh. I can’t run up stairs like that without tripping. Wouldn’t it be kind of difficult with eighty pounds of gear?

The squad leader isn’t well-armed, so the guy in the rear will probably move up and cover for him once he gets inside.

I think Delta Force operatives can managed to get up some stairs… and arm themselves with more than a pistol.

Maybe he ran out of ammo and tossed his rifle away to help his mobility?

It’s just a picture, though. There’s nothing all that canon about it.