A special ADDON

i need to know if this is possible im not explaining the details cause its a huge event but i need to know if we are able to addon to the source engine not a normal addon but a engine addon i just wanna yes or no


LOL that doesnt help but ill give u one detail its for map rendering

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…no clue

It was supposed to say: ‘google translate error’.

Any sorry for trolling but I don’t think you can get a source engine addon unless you’re somewhat a Genius. Sorry to bear the bad news friend.

i have a team to do it but the only down side is gmod updates will break it:/

has anyone every heard of something like it? and i only plan on editing or adding a couple hundred lines to the map rendering for my own effect

What are you saying

i wanna create a new form of map rendering for my server is it simply possible?


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Yes, you can have Binary Modules, in short .dll files.