A Special AK47

I got a good idea.

An AK47 (Or any other gun), though doesn’t have iron sights (I use alot of custom CSS models for GMOD), can swap between the types of ammunition it uses.

You can swap between normal, which does normal damage, incinidary, whoch does slightly less damage, but slowly burns the enemy over time (though doesnt make npc go nuts and die quicker), arctic bullets, which does even LESS damage, but can slow downt he target to the speed of almost walking. Then explosive. This does 2x more damage, and has a small explosion radius. Though it decreases the rate of fire, and the clip size by 25%, it pack a PUNCH.

Comment if you like this idea, or give criticism. And PLEASE dont go straight out saying “FUCK DIS IDEA, IT FUCKIN SUCKZ”