A special ops soldier walking in an alley - scenebuild

Not many pics this time, been busy. Damn these Combine models are nice.



Also a bonus.


Your turn. C&C?

I don’t know if goggles would show visible lines, but it looks nice nonetheless.

I love the effects on the first one.

The second one is really good! The first one too.

You’re good.


Nice pictures, I love it :slight_smile:


I love them…
especially the lighting in the first one! :gizz:



Both are cool but the wide camera angle in the second picture doesn’t really work.

Fucking awesome.
Where did you got all those High-Res Scenebuild stuff?

Say, where can a guy like me get some of those goggles in picture 1? :smug:

The eye lasers are not exactly practical.

Urgh it’s just a picture, not a bid for the US military’s latest line of goggles.

Very very nice Joazzz. I can’t wait for you to get back on steam, no one edits stuff as much as you do, because of certain widescreens and overload wit ragdolls :v:

Wish I could edit with such ability.

That’s a fantastic scenebuild. Very cool poses.

That second one is cool.

Amazing lighting

I like both. Alot.

Really cool! I like them a lot.

Damn, first picture looks real.