A Special Tasks Group drops in to assist the 501st Clone Troopers.

** The Motherfucking-Space-Marine-Knight-Mounted-Snowmobile-Attack-Force that is! **


And don’t give me flak about how this is unrealistic.

Aww, I was expecting the Salarian Special Tasks Group from Mass Effect.


**“Great shot Leopold!!” **

blood looks great
but tracers looks like you painted the on like MSpaint or something
and smoke looks pasted on

I… I don’t understand :confused:

blatant ripoff – was only successful the only time it was done, and that’s because it was done right. this doesn’t have appropriate scenery, posing or editing to make it a classic.

if you used the snowmobile on the right hand side by itself you might have something great.

I’ve always noticed that I aim my camera up towards the sky. I can’t find many good maps with great scenes to pose on, scenebuilds are okay but they take up time and even then I can’t find good Urban Construction Props.

I’m sure Crazyknife would still approve of this.

not really funny, more like lolol random, but thats just my opinion.

I think it’s awesome, and it’s reminiscent of “The Rage of the Spanish Inquisition”.

Posing looks solid, end the editing looks really good as well.

Where’d you get the odst?! I need it!

It’s not an ODST. It’s a sci-fi soldier hack I made and can be found on the Releases section. Omolong made an NPC and player model version.

On the pic: Some of the smoke looks weird and so does the blaster shot. Blood is good.

I think that this is my favorite picture ever.

No joke!

It encompasses everything I could ever ask for in an action shot.

YOU WIN. :smiley:

You obviously haven’t seen VMan’s stuff.

Or me.


What? I can be confident every now and then, right?

I like your pictures Chesty :buddy:

It’s Facepunch army.

“For king and country!!”
This brought back some good memories.