A spetsnaz operative and a Japanese agent disguised as spetsnaz on an operation.

My first attempt at snow so i had to play with it a bit, I mixed Ghost in the Shell with reality.
I made two snow layers, a foreground layer and a background layer you only see behind the fence.
(EDIT: I added DOF, now.)


I think it came out nicely, let me know what you think.

VERY impressive, is the snow like another photograph you place over the original picture??

Nah, i screwed around with some settings in PS.

:\ i need to learn those then. -___-

Nice character models, nice posing and nice weapon models.
Hair edit is good again.
Snow… I dunno… kinda looks a lot like your rain editing.
Some depth-of-field would be good.

Yeah, i was thinking some DOF would look nice.

What’s with the rifle to the left? The snow is missing around it.

Only problem, How the heck that Japanese from not so cold place can be there in Russia without hat?

Try prop posing the COD4 models.

Looks awesome, you need to separate the snow though, It’s to close together.

Russia tends to have thick clumpy snowfall.



AK74 was lightly cleared of snow to make it visible, and to show he wasn’t simply holding a giant log.

Cool skins, but the weather editing needs work

Yeah, my first attempt at snow and i couldn’t find any decent tuts, any recommendations?

Usually snow is slower than rain by a lot, so use less motion blur. Also, you got really sloppy with the isolation around the gun

Yeah, when i was doing the isolation i got bored and said “Fuck it” and just drew a blob around it, heh.

I can see why you’d want to do that, but you must resist the urge!


Didn’t help that it was 7 AM and i should’ve been sleeping :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s lovely. And again I fall for any picture that was stuff I hexed in it.

Spetsnaz with a SCAR?


Braiinnnzzzzz aaare freeezziingg…