A Sphere of Life

I recommend to open it in new tab. Thoughts appreciated.

With wireframe


Without wireframe

Holy shit, simple yet very effective.

Dude this is pretty cool!

I actually thought at first it’s some kind of inverse golf symbolism where the golf ball is now grass and the floor instead of grass would be a golf ball texture. Which gives me an idea …

By the way, how did you do the ball? What texture did you apply on it and for what model?

The wireframe version is the kosher one. The alternate pic is just a ball of grass, it’s the wireframe that makes it look interesting.

I also like how it’s visible only in the shaded areas.

The ball itself is actually two piece built from half-spheres. I then applied BF1 grass texture by Hauptmann.

The idea behind this is that green in most cases means life and applied it to the basic shape we all know.

There’s no picture, I just see the link to NMS’s song.

edit: I see it now. I refreshed. That was weird.

Yeah it happens from time to time.