A Splinter cell climbing on a beam above terrorist

Just played Splinter Cell Chaos Theroy and did somthing inspired from it and this is what I got.


I’m not sure what the tags are but heres a link to some thread music hope it fits.

So…yeah comments are welcome.

Nice posing but i think its too dark on splinter.

No. I’ve played Splinter Cell since the original.

Your only supposed to see his dots at best.


Lol “a splinter cell”.

Nice. Is that from the boat mission where you hunt Hugo?

Looks like what you were probably trying to do, but still I like overly dark pictures no more than I did. this is one of the most justified pictures like that though.

All the usuals, natural posing, good lighting, so on.

That is for sure a good Splinter Cell.
Wait… ?

Did you port that model from D.A.? It looks like that one.

nope I just download the model from garrysmod.org
heres the link http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=12431