A Sprawling Sewer Deathmatch

What happens when the models you never use get bored?


Holy Shit!..That…Is…Cool…

Anyway…Is that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper?

Holy fuck that is awesome!

its from dt’s fancy pants model pack :slight_smile:


That’s a huge amount of ragdolls there, nice job.

Fucking amazing.

Woah. That is cool.

Holy shit, all your stuff is awesome.

(You guys should see his other things.Like MSpaint :ssh:)

oh crap how people!!!

I actually had the idea of doing this. Looks like I’ll have to make my own version sometime.

and how many ragdolls are in there?

Damn… If I could describe this picture with two words, it would be: “Fucking A!”


Make that one word and a letter.

not that many, really. about 30-40?


i probably only posed about 15 carefully

get on steam


nice picture

I always feel bad for the ragdolls that don’t get used or fade into obscurity.

Great posing.

i just fucking love the two legs standing there

Great posing on everything.

editing looks like you used fuji film!!!

i told you to use kodak, dude

Oh man, this shit is awesome!

What happened to Dick Butt’s dick butt RMS13? :ohdear: