A Spray Paint Can :]

Forgive me if this is not the right place :[

So the Spray Paint can I found on Garry’s mod (dot) org wouldn’t allow me to download it, and the one that comes in a prop pack sucks dick. I was wondering if someone on FacePunch would like to possibly give up some of their time to create for me a spray paint can that works with Gmod10. That would be pretty sick if someone could do that for me. I am making a music video Machinima and a Spray Paint can would be delectable for it :] If not, thank you for reading this and umm…have a nice day/ night :]

If you DO make it however, provide me with a download for it and I will, of course, give you the credit on the video…when said video is done.

Also, everyone on FacePunch forums rocks :] Props to you all.

We have a sub-forum for this kind of requests mate, its called the “Request Forum”, and you can find the link for it above in this section’s page, below the “Releases”.

Maybe you can PM a moderator so he moves your thread there, or ask gently to a Mod to close this one and make this same thread on the Requests Sub-forum.

Okay, lol. Well I just looked for Garry’s Mod actually, but I think I may just ask someone to close this one and/ or move it to another section. Thank you :] This is why I love this community, a lot of forums I see, someone AUTOMATICALLY flames someone for posting in the wrong section, when all it was was an honest mistake. Lol.

No flaming here. Just pay more attention in future, thanks.