A spy in a dark room. TF2 scenebuild

I think it turned out ok. Forgot to mention, this is all ingame.


I cant see anything. D:

jesus the engineer scared the fuck outta me.

Abit too dark of a room? I like the spy posing though.


You’re only supposed to see the Engineer, Spy, and scout.


Powers out, room’s pitch black except for the boards lighting.


Effect achieved.

Also something on the right that I can’t make out, a figure of some type.

That would be the scout. Just a faint figure to play with the imagination.

Is he a zombie too?

That’s for you to decide.

You bastard.


needs focus, maybe more light on the spy or terminals

Good, very good.
Also, as RMS13 said. You should place a little bit more light to the upper parts of the Spy at his sides.

First up, horrific compression. Either turn your screenshot settings up or switch hosts depending on where the compression happened.

The only thing I genuinely like about this image is the Engineer in the background. His pose is decent enough, and the way the light catches him is good. The random coloured lights do nothing but obscure details where they overlap things, distract from what’s actually going on, and make it look as if you couldn’t think of anything interesting to break up the background so you just spammed lights everywhere. If they actually served some kind of purpose besides illuminating the spy and the engie, I’d be less inclined to bring them up, but since that’s all you used them for you should’ve made two versions (one with, one without) and then simply isolated the characters from the first onto the second to avoid the awful effect you got here.

The spy’s pose is far too rigid, he doesn’t look scared, worried, creeped out or anything at all, really. If you’re in a dark room and you think something’s lurking in the shadows, do you really think that you’d be casually strolling around, standing up to your full height?

The idea had potential but the execution really screwed it.

I think the decompression is because the new jpeg_quality is 140 which i forgot to set to.

Understood on the lighting.

And the spy isn’t scared or creeped out, he has no idea there’s zombies. As far as he know’s it’s red dicking around with the power lines.

Although I highly disagree with you, Ross. This is well thought out.

Pic not visible

I can’t see shit.

Sit up straight :v:

I can see it fine?