A spy poses like a badass after completing his mission.

Descriptive title says it all. It is kind of a sequel to a previous thread of mine. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=765563

Here are the pictures, each one has a slightly different angle.



Constructive Criticism please. I know there are some clipping issues and the shadows from the stuff on the table (if you look closely enough). I REALLY want someone to edit this, with blood and wounds, but be creative. I hope you enjoy this.

Could have been taken in a darker room.

What map is that or is it all built scene?

that pose seems familiar to me…very familiar.



Pretty cool but the camera zoom could be better

This was part of the TF2 map turbine, in an inaccessible room during normal gameplay. It was just a conference table and some chairs, so I decorated it with more props so it wouldn’t look so bland. I would like it darker, but TF2 maps are unusually bright everywhere, so I would hope someone would edit this since I don’t have photoshop.

Guns should’ve been smokin’.

Turbine map? Damn is it right behind that intel point or was turbine intel map`?

I don’t know where exactly it is, I think it’s close to the spawn point for blue. I don’t play too much ctf or cp in TF2, just arena and payload, so I’m sorry I can’t help you too much with this.

Darker Room and spot light on him…