A squad of Americans defend a position from Vietcong forces.


Got back to doing this. Finally.

I’m no expert but I think this is pretty awesome. I’d make the muzzleflash a bit larger though

Yay Caboose isn’t dead!

it’s a bit lacking in contrast

Reminds me of Platoon

It’s a bit chaotic but pretty intense.

is it better to do it ingame or in GIMP?

Looks pretty good.
However, holding a gun by the magazine exponentially increases the chances of it jamming, so I don’t think the guy on the right would be doing such a thing.

no fun allowed

Bro, that ain’t no airsoft gun.

Bro, Real weapons jam too.

Wait a minute! There are no forests in Vietnam!

Sir a Rain Forest counts as a forest.

YES. But they don’t look like that.

Nice but why is the U.S. Soldier on the right holding the M14 by the bottom of the magazine? That looks extremely awkward.

Lol, Airsoft.

Looks like he’s winding a high cap mag, lol.

Whys the vietcong on the right not even pointing his gun at the Americans?