A squad of Russian Soldiers fighting in streets


Hmms it appears that I missed out on a few of the rimlighting spots. Oh well.


seriously read this

don’t ever use gimp or photoshop for rim lighting ever again


no matter how hard you try, it will NEVER look good. just stop doing it now. rimlighting should only be applied to areas that have highlights on the edges to begin with – these characters are too dark to even need rimlighting to begin with. a good work around is to use a light to illumate the background so the foreground silhouettes stick out

if you really want to do rimlighting, use some lights and lamps. seriously. eugh. it’s so tacky

take a chill pill mate. jeez.

He’s right though.

plus the rimlighting you did, sorry to say, looks bad.

oh the flame is good though albeit it being far too lime.

Caboose just does yellow explosions/fire.
Title reminded me of this song.

Decided to change the song to more heavy version.

Why are they glowing radioactively?

Because they’re Russian.

wow i just realized how weird this looks from another monitor…

i need to get my eyes fixed up.

I use photoshop for rim lighting.
Have you seen my pics?

Keep it up Caboose.

hahah no offense dude but you make it sound like you make good pictures

No, I’m just saying people can make good rim lighting with gimp and photoshop.

yeah but you don’t and neither does he

that’s like saying shazbot did a good job (he didn’t either)

long story short rim lighting in post processing sucks. stop trying to defend yourself. i’m not telling you to stop doing it but you’re wasting your time when there’s effective, better looking methods like doing it ingame where the shaders are used appropriately instead of doing a terrible job emulating it. that’s like trying to create lighting on a picture you rendered in 3dsmax with photoshop – it will never look good unless you throw some lights in

I’m not, I’m defending Caboose.

he knows where his mistake lies.

Good for him then, just trying to be nice.

shut up please? :love:

I Liked it. Keep up the progress

looks good