A squad of soldiers moving through a field.

Band of Brothersish


All ingame. I used DoF to try and make them all not look like twins.

Some of them could have been better posed… like their arms

Posing is stiff and like hypnotoad pointed out, the arms are badly done.
It looks like a bad 3rd grade play where they over-exaggerate all their motions.

No offense, but those Shermans are ugly as hell. :frown: are there no better models out there? Well, besides some posing stuff, it looks good to me.

the one on the tank lol

Only sherman tank models that is nice is the one from Forgotten Hope Vehicle Pack but it’s lost somewhere. but I ported one from CoD2 and texture aren’t that bad but model kickass.

You should of used a more interesting angle.

the lighting/coloring is terrible