A Stalker stands on a hillside [scene-build, re-edit]

I have re-edited an old picture of mine. I was really happy with the scene-build, but I felt I could improve on the editing. What do you think?

Please view the original: http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq45/ChestyMcGee/gm_flatgrass20080013.jpg
Previous editing attempt: http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq45/ChestyMcGee/PICTURE-1.jpg

Personally, there are a few aspects of the new picture I am not happy with but overall I feel that it is much better than the previous attempt.

C&C please and thanks,

It looks great! Very similiar to the real one.
But you can see alot of flatgrass a bit before the mountains start.

Cool, It remind me STALKER:Clear Sky’s Wallpaper :smiley:

What would you have me replace it with? There are some fields in the picture and I didn’t want the whole thing to be a forest (nor did I think my computer could handle any more tree effects). I think at this range the default grass texture isn’t a problem, but that’s just me.

It just looks so… bright.
Might be just me, tough.

You forgot the vss gun next to the ak but very good poseing

Reference picture: http://www.stalker-game.com/img/wallpapers/stalker_wp_01_1280.jpg

There isn’t a VSS in the picture. In the concept art there’s a Dragunov leaning up against the fence but I didn’t have a correctly-scaled model so I just used an AK with a scope.

Pretty dang similar. I like it.

This picture is still AWESOME my screenie again :love:

Hahah thanks, mate.

Mine too! YAY

You’re missing those generator ball things from the original art, I didn’t really follow STALKER but from what I know that must be an old concept art, since it has those generator things.
also needs more fog

Its ok by me, very good image, I just dont like the mountais, the way their limits are, but the original is already like that sso its not your fault

Looks to green and bright like a bomb never went off, needs to look more like my soul … dark and destroyed.

Thanks for the comments, guys.

I liked it.

O.O That’s scene-built? Holy. Friggin. Crap. This is epic. I think this will be my new background.

Hahah thanks a lot, man.

Backrounded, amazing shit my friend :smiley:

Have you ever played S.T.A.L.K.E.R? A bomb didn’t bloody go off it’s based around the Chernobyl incident which I’m going to assume (and hope to christ) you’ve heard of.

Also; excellent as always, Chesty. Your work keeps getting sexier and sexier.