A stargate drone launcher which is a swep?

i Would like the drone model from avon stargate addon to be like turned into a gun swep. Avon u will be included in credits :D. i will make it if anybody could tell me how to make lua file.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong forum" - mahalis))

So the question is, do you want someone to make it for you, then it goes in the request thread, or are you going to make it?

Looks like you are requesting it. But else it should be possible to make it but may take some time (I think).

i cant script


how create lua file


if i could do it i would

PM a mod to move this thread to the request thread, it’s there this kind of threads belong.



would u help


i need help making it


if i could script i would delete this thread


how do u script


would u tell me


would u tell me how to lua