A starter Project

I hope this is the right section, but if not then please let me know.

Hello there,
My name is Ethan,
Not sure why but i suddenly got the want to code something.
But theres only one problem.
I dont know what to make!
So thats why im posting here!
If you have any ideas of what i can try and code please leave them below!
Please try and be specific so i know EXACTLY what is is you want me to make.
Keep in mind that this would be my first item ill ever code.
SO please dont request something crazy hard to make.
And dont expect too much out of it since it would be my first item.
Thanks for your time,
Ejcole7 :v:

That was the worst poem I’ve ever read.

make me something in gmod lua that will take a post like yours and auto format it into a neat paragraph

Make a barrel, that when pressed E/Use upon, becomes a collection of smaller barrels that initially together take the position, size, and angle, of the original barrel. Each new small barrel has this same ability.

That sounds funny and cool. Ill try to make something like that when i get the time to.

You’re honestly better off just learning how to code simple stuff. Make a simple weapon from the ground up, find some tutorials online, stuff like that. Just don’t make Admin Guns or Sound Guns or upload any of it on the workshop until you know what you’re doing and have coded quite a bit.

You also really didn’t need to make a post asking us what to code when starting out when a simple Google search would’ve done the same thing, but there’s no changing that now.

Why the hell are you asking for something to code if you have never even coded 1 thing before?, you’re making it seem like your a pro coder and your bored and asking for something to code.

Creativity in programming, in my experience, stems from the knowledge and familiarity with the environment you’re programming for. As a beginner it is hard to have ideas when you have no idea what is reasonable or what is not, or what means you have available to make things exist.

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my bored

Do something with derma, it’s a pain in the ass to learn, but it makes you much more useful.

Derma isn’t hard. It’s just insanely boring. If you’re comfortable with lua and garrysmod itself, derma/vgui are just a matter of looking at the vgui source on garry’s github.

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almost nothing i’ve ever done required a menu

I’m not very good at shapes etc ( practically failed geometry), so any sort of GUI coding is taxing/boring.

lol random negativity

Prop protection is pretty easy to make (one of my first scripts), and would be useful if for some reason you don’t want to use FPP/Nadmod/other public prop protection addons.

I wanted to shoot myself near completion of my phone addon. Derma takes up so many lines of code and really is boring to write

Yeah my friend works with a lot of derma. He says its boring and time consuming

Do something fun and simple using networking, like hitmarkers.

But hitmarkers wouldn’t use networking :v:

mine do, it adds a callback to the bullet that sends the hitmarker as a netmessage to the owner of the bullet if it strikes a player

Or you could just use the player_hurt game event…